Metairie Cleaners 123 Focis St Metairie,La.70005 835-7980 " The Sign Of Professional Dry Cleaning"
                            Metairie Cleaners                                123 Focis St                           Metairie,La.70005                                  835-7980             " The Sign Of Professional Dry Cleaning"

         Metairie  Cleaners  Offers  An  Amazing  Level  Of  Quality

   You will benefit from our many years of experience. Those who choose our dry cleaning service    will see a real difference.  We employ optimum cleaning methods for delicate fabrics, ensuring our reliable service is always the right choice for your garments.


                                     To achieve the best results we offer:

                                                       Gentle treatment of your garments                                                                                                          Use of eco-friendly products                                         

                                                       Many years of knowledge and experience

                              Pay us a visit and see the difference.

                    Experience The Difference





Your Shirts done just the way you like them!   



We provide Eco-Friendly cleaning



Each garment has it's own personalized bar code


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